Lead Profit Development Blog.

LeadProfit Open Beta!

Posted: July 7th, 2021

We are now in Open Beta! Individuals & Businesses may sign up to Lead Profit and begin enjoying the features and benefits Closed Beta users have been enjoying!

New features and improvements to Lead Profit are now available. We are proud to introduce full Inventory & Sales management with complete supplier linking, replen linking, and profit calculations! This not only allows you to see your Inventory & Sales but also determine what profitability individual inventory items are achieving. Not only that but you can deep dive into individual inventory & sales and easily sort and view specific items based on filtered queries. This allows you at-a-glance to see how your inventory is performing.

LeadProfit Closed Beta

Posted: Feb 22nd, 2020

Lead Profit's first public product offering has entered Closed Beta. Lead Profit the wholesale management software as a service has entered a Closed Beta testing phase. We will be accepting a limited number of individuals for a pre-launch Closed Beta. Beta signup has begun and a limited number of Beta seats are available!

During the Closed Beta we will be working closely with members to identify any potential issues & bugs before more Beta seats are made available.